Estate Planning & Special Needs Trust

Our special needs practice is only for families that have a child with Regional Center eligibility and has one of the following conditions: Autism, Intellectual Disability, Epilepsy, and Cerebral Palsy.

That is, we serve the families with the most severely disabled children.

Every person needs an estate plan to prepare for his or her family’s future. Most of us will face incapacity and ultimately, our own passing.

We provide comprehensive legal representation in preparing estate plans for our clients; with a particular emphasis on planning for a special needs family member.

We help our clients work through the process of dividing their property among their beneficiaries as well as for deciding who should serve as the trustee, executor, and personal representative of the estate We also address who should have power of attorney during periods of your own possible incapacity.

Jeffrey Gottlieb, Attorney
Jeffrey Gottlieb, Attorney

Importance Of Planning For A Special Needs Family Member

When a person with a disability depends on government assistance such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medi-Cal, their benefits may be in jeopardy if they receive inherited assets or inherited cash flow (income) without a special needs trust. That is where we are of unique service to you.

We understand the requirements of special needs family members. A special needs trust can ensure that the special needs family member continues to receive government benefits (e.g., SSI) while also benefiting from your estate. That requires careful estate planning.

A well-drafted special needs trust can provide the structure necessary for a person to thrive, despite their special needs.

We take care of estate planning for your entire family.

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