We are here to help your special needs child receive Regional Center Eligibility for Services, as mandated by law.

Our Regional Center Practice

Our regional center practice helping parents, where the regional center has wrongfully denied eligibility.

Our law firm is well experienced in representing clients at administrative hearings, regarding wrongful denials of regional center eligibility. We have successfully proven the presence of autism, intellectual disability, as well as the 5th category.

Jeffrey Gottlieb, Attorney

We provide representation where the Regional Center has either denied initial eligibility or has terminated eligibility.

As a note, we do not provide representation in regards to services or anything else that takes place as a result of having been or being an active regional center consumer (for example, the quality or quantity of services).

Eligibility for regional center services is provided under a law known as the Lanterman Act.

In order to qualify for services, an individual must have either cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, intellectual disability, or a condition that closely resembles intellectual disability (otherwise known as the fifth category).

Additionally, the person seeking eligibility must have significant challenges in three of the seven following areas: communication skills, learning abilities, self-care, mobility, self-direction, independent living skills, and economic self-sufficiency. Please note that most of the regional centers place age limitation exclusions on the categories of independent living and economic self-sufficiency, such that 3 out of 5 areas must be of a significant challenge (rather than 3 out of 7).

Jeffrey Gottlieb, Attorney

Furthermore, the disability must have existed prior to the age of 18 and is expected to continue indefinitely.

Please note that the above is only a brief summary of eligibility criteria (not comprehensive), legal counsel may be required as there are nuances to the law. If your child needs regional center eligibility and the regional center denies your son or daughter access to those services, we can help.

We can represent your child at a regional center administrative hearing.

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