Why Our Law Firm?

Our practice exclusively serves clients with a special needs family member.

We are knowledgeable about developmental disabilities and have many years of litigation & hearing experience. We know how to present your case and advocate on behalf of your family.

What differentiates our law firm is our approach. We make the client a "partner" in achieving success, through ongoing communication with the client and educating the client about the process and the law.

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Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, M.S., Esq. has an extensive background in special needs law, including conservatorships, SSI appeals, adult child support, regional center "initial" eligibility appeals, special education due process.

Jeffrey A. Gottlieb represents both minor and adult children with special needs at family law court, regional center fair/school district OAH hearings, mediations, social security hearings, probate court conservatorships, and settlement negotiations.

Jeffrey Gottlieb has represented children and adults with a wide spectrum of developmental disabilities, including but not limited to autism, down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and genetic disorders. Mr. Gottlieb was originally trained by one of California's premier special needs attorneys who now serves in the capacity of a special education judge on behalf of the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Jeffrey Gottlieb, Attorney

Mr. Gottlieb has experience in all Southern California courts from Santa Barbara to San Diego, plus numerous courts in Central and Northern California.

In addition to his law career, Mr. Gottlieb has a significant background in the healthcare industry and the educational field, both of which are pertinent to representing special needs children. Previously, Mr. Gottlieb was Chief Operating Officer at the Center for Community and Family Services, child education and development organization; Director at Cedars Sinai Medical Center; Vice President at Blue Shield of California and a consultant at Ernst & Young (one of the largest accounting/consulting companies in the United States).

Mr. Gottlieb also holds a Masters of Science in Public Policy, with an emphasis on healthcare policy and government/non-profit organizations.
Mr. Gottlieb has served as a member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the Orange County Chapter of the American Heart Association, and worked as an attorney volunteer for the Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation at their Domestic Violence Clinic.

Jeffrey Gottlieb, Attorney

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